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Garlic Bread Spread Recipe

The Great Garlic Bread Recipe, Easy to Cook but Delicious to Eat!

If you love eating garlic bread then you'll want to know several ways to make them. Garlic bread spread recipe is not only easy to do but fun to make as well. And the result is a piece of snack food that everyone will no doubt enjoy. If you can only think of eating plain, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Although most people will associate garlic with pasta, eating it with corn soup is also a healthy and tempting proposition.

The afternoon snack will actually be enjoyable with a bowl of corn soup, garlic bread and some refreshing green tea. Spanish bread is an ideal bread to use for garlic bread. It’s crunchy, can be sliced into regular sizes with a wide surface area, and easy to bite without having to open your mouth too wide.

There are several ways of preparing garlic bread but the most popular way of doing it is by overlaying bread with quick melt butter or cheese, sprinkling them with garlic powder or minced garlic, placing them in the hot oven over a pan, and waiting for few minutes. When the butter or cheese has dried up, you will have your mouth watering garlic bread.

garlic bread spreadSome parsley or oregano toppings will greatly improve the aroma and taste of your garlic bread. Barbecue, onion rings and garlic bread is also an awesome combination. The garlic bread is a good equalizer to heavy barbecue dinners and onion rings will totally even off the meal over a bottle of beer or two.

Garlic bread is also an ideal ingredient for garlic breaded chicken dish. The taste of garlic bread is indeed a welcome addition to a sumptuous meal eaten with mashed potatoes, vegetable salad and a glass of wine after meals. The ingredients includes several pieces of boneless and skinless chicken breast bathed in olive oil, garnished with sliced garlic and dipped into garlic bread and Parmesan mixture. They are placed in a pan and loaded into oven preheated at 4250 F and cooked for 30 minutes or until soft enough. Serve hot.

How about eating garlic French bread together with French onion soup? That’ll be great for the taste buds. It’s perfect if you want a light dinner. If you want to make it a little heavier, order the soup with thicker broth and add more slices of garlic bread.

There are many ways of making a garlic bread spread recipe. The dish is good for the body. If you forgo with the cheese and other fat ingredients and use soya butter instead of dairy butter, you will have the perfect health food in your diet. You can drink green tea, skim milk, and a cup of coffee for your drink or unsweetened fruit juice.

The garlic itself has many medicinal uses and eating foods with garlic in them will help maintain your health and keep you away from diseases like high blood pressure due to bad cholesterol, massive heart attack, atherosclerosis and stroke. Making it a habit of taking a capsule of garlic herbal preparation everyday will make you healthier and help in making your life longer.

 garlic bread spread recipe