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Garlic Juice

The Usefulness of Garlic Juice!

Garlic juice is oil from garlic cloves extracted by means of cold press or cold process method. This does not mean that they are frozen or subjected to very low degrees during the extraction process. Technically, anything below 800 F or 27 C is considered cold. This is a little above the room temperature of 20-250 C or 68 – 77o F but way low when compared to body temperature of 32 C. What is considered as cold press or cold process method in some situations may vary from place to place and from the materials being pressed.

When seeds or fruits are subjected to cold press method, its nutritive value is not sacrificed and the amount of extracts even increases. It remains nutritious and the odor and color are not altered so much. So that when you buy the juice you can be sure that it contains all the same goodness of natural garlic and more.

The juice from garlic extract is considered concentrated garlic. It’s good for medicinal use. It’s expensive and using it for cooking is rather something you don’t want to do if you can use other cooking oils like vegetable oils. Using the juice for cooking may have its advantages though. It doesn’t have the pungent effect, it has a smooth taste, and you don’t have to deal with over cooked cloves. The food becomes certified health food. But taken in small doses, the juice extracts will give you more advantages than using them as cooking oil.

garlic juices

Extracting your own garlic juice is time consuming. You will end up smelling garlic for days. The process is tedious and there’s no way you can get the most out from a clove in the absence of high temperature. Using your blender is a poor way of doing it.

People who haven’t tried extracting neither coconut virgin oil nor olive oil have no idea really what they’re talking about. You’ll be wasting the cloves, your money, and your time. You better buy it from the supermarket and get the real one.

The juice may be used in cooking some dishes but it’s not applicable to more traditional ones that need the smell and tangy taste of garlic.

Your garlic sauce, garlic butter, garlic chicken and so on, will not taste the same. The best thing to do is use the cloves if you want the real garlicky taste



Again, use the juice sparingly for cooking. If you want to cook your pasta without the cholesterol and fats, use the mono unsaturated olive or corn oil, and there are more. Then add the garlic cloves to give it the real flavor. The real juice doesn’t smell or taste anything like the garlic you know. Now, if you’re the type that doesn’t like garlic odor and taste in the first place then maybe there’s a good excuse for that.

Use the juice for medicine instead. It has been done for more than 400 years. And maybe, supermarkets are not the best place to buy things for treating your illnesses. Why don’t you ask your doctor who’s into herbal medicine about the medicine grade of garlic juice.

  • Benefits of Kyolic Garlic
    During a clinical test, Kyolic garlic extract is doing exactly what garlic is supposed to do but in a more convincing manner. The extracts have decreased LDL and increased HDL.

Garlic Juice