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Growing Garlic at Home

Growing Garlic Can Be Rewarding!  

Growing garlic is not an easy preoccupation but one doesn’t need to be an expert horticulturist in order to start a garden. If you have 8 or 12 cloves in one bulb, you can plant each of the cloves and expect 8-12 full grown bulbs during harvest time. It’s ideal to plant them during the cold season or to harvest them before wet season comes. There’s a great tendency that the cloves will rot when constantly coming in contact with water, and on lifting the bulb, if they are infected with a certain disease due to water, the cloves may fall apart.

Gardening can be very rewarding if you have a good harvest. It’s the same with planting garlic. But unlike fruit bearing plants, the bulbs grow underground and you have no way of knowing what to expect. If you’re not really careful about the kind of soil or where to plant the cloves, the soil preparation and the seed selection, you might be in for a great disappointment. It might be that when the leaves are brown and the sky is clear, during the the time for harvesting, you’ll only find one or two cloves per bulb or worse, the roots are empty. There’s nothing as discouraging for a gardener to experience than such a fate as those.

growing garlic at homeChoosing the right variety for your locality is another important factor. In hot dry areas, the ideal garlic variety to plant is the silver skin garlic. These are the types that are planted in tropical areas and it may very well thrive if you’re locality has the same weather conditions.

Don’t be misleaded by the term grow. Of course, garlic plants will grow when you plant them, but will they bear bulbs? The bulbs are sensitive to the length of the day, the intensity of the heat of the sunlight, the coldness of the place, and several other climatic factors, and may not develop. 

The variety should be from your locality. It’s the best choice to have. It will surely grow and thrive but it may not be the best type. But with the advent of indoor gardening, you may still plant the garlic of your choice. It’s easy to control the conditions indoors and make them conform to the variety that you’d like to grow. You may or may not be successful but it’s worth a try. It’s really up to you. Growing garlic this way may be very profitable, especially if you’re the only one in your place. Garlic is very much in demand. It can be rewarding financially. 

Considering all factors are met, know what type of diseases your variety is prone to. Garlic is a hardy plant, but it needs to be cared for like all the other plants. It has repellent property for some of the diseases common to other plants and it may be advantageous if you intercrop other plants with garlic, planting those that can be protected by the scent of garlic.  

If you’re able to grow roses or orchids in your garden, there’s no reason why you can’t grow garlic as well.  

  • Grow Garlic the Easy Way
    It’s easy to grow garlic but it’s the clove that’s important. Burying them in the ground is part of planting but there are pre and post preparations that should be followed

Growing Garlic at Home